A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Godot-based twin stick shooter game for the GodotJam on June 2016.

How long can you survive?? How many missions can you complete with 3 lives?

Theme: Procedural

Source code (fixed): https://github.com/SeldonSL/godot-jam-2016

UPDATE (24/08/16):

* Uploaded correct version of game (previous version was debug, so no menus and fewer enemies)

UPDATE (11/08/16):

* Added Gamepad support

* Added wall sliding


* Procedural generated (destructible) maze level with rooms
* Procedural generated enemies and weapons

* Most parameters are configurable on the project (level size, number of enemies, type of enemies generated, etc. ) Will improve visibility later on the repo.

* Lots of enemies and action! (hopefully)

* Two types of missions: 1) Find and destroy enemy nexus (by shooting it) 2) Guard friendly nexus (by staying close to it a certain amount of time)

* Minimalistic art inspired on two color pallette. Basically red is bad and blue is good. (Red: #a21232, blue: #2e79ba, "white": #dece9c, black: #000000)
* Code and artwork licensed as explicited, except for Music, Sound FX and Font folders (licensed as said on those folders)

MOVE: arrows, WASD

AIM: mouse

SHOOT: Left button


Linux.zip 30 MB
Windows.zip 27 MB
OSX.zip 39 MB

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